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     Micro office - 850 kn/month Small office - 1.250 kn/month Medium office - 1.750 kn/month Huge office - 2.350 kn/month

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    Order process

    By choosing one of our Virtual Office packages, you’ll initiate the process of gaining the provisional right to use Ilica 60 for your official company address during the registering process at the Trade Court. The full right to use Ilica 60 as your business address is obtained by signing the contract together with paying the service fee. The total price include the initial setup fee plus the lease amount of the selected package.

    The invoice for the Virtual Office service is addressed on behalf of the company owner, so it can be subsequently justified for bookkeeping purposes.

    The company registration process lasts approximately 15 business days. In this time the following tasks will be accomplished: booking a company name, preparing documentation and the process of registering the company at the Trade Court.

    Upon completion of the company registration process, it is necessary to:

    create a company seal
    Register the company to the Bureau of Statistics
    Register the company to the competent Tax Office

    The following documents are required to Tax Office registration:

    Space Rental Contract provided by us
    Accountancy Services Contract