Business services

In order to accelerate time to market of newly established companies we have prepared specific all-in-one bundle of services. The purpose of such service bundle is to save time and therefore additional costs for preforming law prescribed administrative and bureaucratic obligations. All your potential needs for successful kick-off of your business can be found in the following bundle of services:

Administrative services

Company registration
Obtaining work permits
Obtaining residence permits
Company administration services
Registration of workers
Live assistant service

Creative services

Company logo design
Stamp creation service
Graphical design
Web design services

Technical services

Hosting services
IT services
CRM/customer support solutions

Partner network services

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer additional services such as creating marketing materials, translation of documents with authorized translators. We can also prepare the legally mandatory official documentation for accounting in your behalf, or help you choose a professional bookkeeping service. For continuous support of your business, we constantly develop and introduce additional services as well as our professional partner network. We have singled out the partner services for whose professionalism and quality we guarantee:

Legal services (provided by authorized law firm)
Accounting services (provided by authorized accounting company)
Health and Safety at Work services
Translations of documents (provided by certified translators)
Printing services

Data protection

In our business we provide special attention on the protection of all data provided by our clients. Additionally to our other services, we have capacities to organize a safe room for securing your meeting that needs the highest privacy protection standards. For all meetings with business critiacl information we are ready to provide an clean environment at location of your choice. It is also possible to let us organize the appropriate and secured location. Contact us with the details and specifications of your needs.


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