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Our mission is to create strategic capacities dedicated to the growth of our clients – companies and civil sector organizations. Our activities are focused on preparing the conditions for organic growth and organizational development through the construction of technological, organizational and human capacities. In addition to consulting resources, our activities are based on active knowledge and innovation management. Thereby we use proven interdisciplinary methodologies and tools for the change management to deliver successful digital and business transformation of our clients.

S3 position itself in the market through the development of own specific brands. The peculiarity of each brand is recognized by the bundle of advanced services targeting specific shortages or specific problems on the market. In such way we created a Virtual Office Ilica 60 brand offering a platform with advanced services for future and newly established businesses.

Company info

S3 Ltd.
Ilica 60
10000 Zagreb – HR



MBS 080989438
OIB 59689618429



Company registered on a Trade Court
Case number: Tt-15/23917-4 at 30.09.2015.
Share capital paid in full: 20.000,00 HRK
CEO: Adela Krivanek Magerl

Bank account
UniCredit Group, Zagrebačka banka d.d.