Your Virtual Office in Zagreb on the most attractive downtown address

Your Virtual Office in Zagreb

Raise your business renown to a new level by choosing a prestigious location as new address of your company. With an impressive symbolism, location number 60 is among the most attractive locations in Zagreb. Downtown location in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes walk from the central Ban Jelacic Square, surrounded with Floral Square (Cvjetni trg) and the famous British Square (Britanac).

Why go Virtual?

Our Virtual Office service allows you to reduce operating budget by avoiding the various costs: renting the office space, pay for utilites, equipment purchase or staff hiring. In such way you’ll optimize your work and services you provide leaving the impression of a serious and professional company. You will also prevent many complications about register a lease in your private home plus your potential clients will have more confidence in a company that operates in the heart of Zagreb.

Business services

Need logistical assistance in establishing your new company? Advice on how to setup your future business? Rebranding services or new business strategy? Our team of experts stays at your disposal for all your business needs. We will work together to craft the best solutions for your business growth and optimized performance. Contact us with the full confidence for more information about our services and capacities.

Virtual Office location - Ilica 60

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